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Release agent for Aluminium

Synthetic Based/Semi Synthetic/Water Based Diecote

We provide semi synthetic, synthetic, oil based release agents, depending on the casting size, casting dimensions, spraying system and requirement of the customers

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Die lubrication or spraying it is usually meant to apply a lubricating fluid on the die surface, which is necessary for the trouble-free removal of the casting from the die. This operation that consists of the spraying and drying phases, is a crucial activity in the casting cycle and has great influence on the resulting quality of the parts. The main purposes of the die lubricant are: To produce a thermo-protective layer between the incoming material and the mould to avoid the metallization of the cavities and the welding of the alloy with the mould; To create a lubricating layer, that allows the slipping out of the casted part and the regular movement of mould sliding sections and core pullers; the cooling of the mould to maintain the correct thermal balance. Apart from sprayer technology the other important feature for a die lubricants is its chemistry which only a expericenced company can suggest.

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Diecasting Products


Die Casting Release Agents- Synthetic Based Semi Synthetic Based,Water Based

Plunger Lube

Graphite Based – Graphite with Mineral Oil and Syn Oil ,Graphite Free – Mineral and Syn Based ,Shot Beads ,Water Based


Powder Flux for drossing, melting, modifying Granular Flux


Anti soldering paste,Ladle coating

Degassing Tablets

Nitrogen degassing tablets,Self sinking nitrogen degassing tablets,Hexa based tablets


Dual action hand spray gun for die casting & Forging ,Shot beads dispenser,Plunger tip