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Shot Bead / Coating/ Antisoldring

Shot Bead

This is new type of wax based imported plunger lubricants in beads form which uses both graphite and non graphite for plunger lubrications. It gives the same performance as normal mineral based plunger lubricants but are less in usages and less polluting. Special dispensing units are required for this beads. You can see the details about it in our accessories section.
Solid Dry Plunger Lube
Little pollution produced, no greasy, smokefree, no air pollution.
Prolong the life of plunger tip
When casting completely consumed, no oil particles of pollution,
improve the safety and Keep clean workshop, the ceiling, floor;
Keep surface of the die casting parts clean
Reducing porosity of castings

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Anti Soldering Paste (Made in Germany & Italy)
Ladle Coating (water based and pigmented)
Copper Grease
Aluminum Paste
Zirconium and Graphite coatings for different application for ferrous and non-ferrous industries. Read More

Diecasting Products


DIE CASTING RELEASE AGENTS Synthetic Based Semi Synthetic Based,Water Based

Plunger Lube

Graphite Based – Graphite with Mineral Oil and Syn Oil ,Graphite Free – Mineral and Syn Based ,Shot Beads ,Water Based


Powder Flux for drossing, melting, modifying Granular Flux


Anti soldering paste,Ladle coating

Degassing Tablets

Nitrogen degassing tablets,Self sinking nitrogen degassing tablets,Hexa based tablets


Dual action hand spray gun for die casting & Forging ,Shot beads dispenser,Plunger tip