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Foundry and fluxes


Nitrogen degassing tablets,Self sinking nitrogen degassing tablets,Hexa based tablets Covering, And Drossing, Modifying, melting, furnace cleaning fluxes for ferrous and non-ferrous Industries in powder and granulated form.

Granular Flux

The product mixture is same as powder form but in granulated forms.

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Cover Flux

The Sunrise flux range has many functions as follows: Covering protecting and dross-off aluminum and aluminum-alloymelts during melting. Covering,protecting and washing aluminum/magnesium alloys. Dross-off aluminum and aluminum/magnesium alloys with the minimum of metal loss. Reclaiming swarf,skimming and turnings to obtain a good metal yield. Recovery of aluminum from skimming. Cleansing and modifying aluminum/silicon alloys Removal of oxide build-up from furnace walls

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Degassing and grain refining We provide hexacholoroethane based degassing tablets for removal of hydrogen gas from molten aluminum and grain refining. We have different types of tablets for different types of Aluminium alloys. We also have nitrogen degassing tablets both self-sinking and purging. Meeting the latest environmental and health requirements as per new pollution laws.

Nitrogen degassing tablets

Self sinking nitrogen degassing tablets

Hexa based tablets

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Diecasting Products


DIE CASTING RELEASE AGENTS Synthetic Based Semi Synthetic Based,Water Based

Plunger Lube

Graphite Based – Graphite with Mineral Oil and Syn Oil ,Graphite Free – Mineral and Syn Based ,Shot Beads ,Water Based


Powder Flux for drossing, melting, modifying Granular Flux


Anti soldering paste,Ladle coating

Degassing Tablets

Nitrogen degassing tablets,Self sinking nitrogen degassing tablets,Hexa based tablets


Dual action hand spray gun for die casting & Forging ,Shot beads dispenser,Plunger tip