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Die Casting/Forging Accessories

Synthetic Based/Semi Synthetic/Water Based Diecote

We provide semi synthetic, synthetic, oil based release agents, depending on the casting size, casting dimensions, spraying system and requirement of the customers

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Spray Gun

Dual action hand spray gun for die casting & Forging

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Plunger Tip

We have Laser ceramic coated, nickel welded plunger tips, copper beryllium and Teniffer treated special steel plunger tips imported from Europe and China which have many times more life as compared to normal cast iron plunger tips used in Industry. These tips helps in drastically reducing the idling time of machine thus helping in increasing production, saving energy and reducing downtime.

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Spray Gun Parts

Dual action hand spray gun for die casting & Forging Using a forceful air blast to clean and cool the die mould, followed by a spray of die lubricant or release agent. specifics- A good grip Grip A controlled amount of air and fluid Manoeuvrability is Long life stainless steel/aluminum parts available (according to customer requirement) Adjustment screw for liquid flow. Wear and tear parts can be easily replaced with ALL Sprare parts. a)single barrel spray gun has air and die-coat hose connectors. It works in two ways, first blasting air for cleaning, then spraying releasing agent. b) 2 air/die coat pipes (imported) aluminium and steel (both types pipes available customer per demand)

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Shot Beads Dispenser Unit As per new laws of keeping shop floor free from oil and reducing the pollution impact this unit uses shot beads for dry piston lubrication. it’s a compact aluminum die casting body, single pneumatic unit using air, which can be mounted easily on the machine directly with magnetic base and we can control the quantity of shot beads, speed and timing according to user requirement As compare to oil its consumption and environmental impact is very less. Easy Installation equipment whose body made up of aluminum casting and which can be controlled to dispense the quantity of shot beads, speed and timing according to user requirement.

Plunger Oil Lubrication Unit (Mist lubrication) Reducing the pollution impact and consumption of oil, this unit uses between 0.1 to 2 ml of oil along with air to disperse Plunger oil in shot sleeve and Plunger tip. There by reducing the consumption of oil by 40 to 60% and also reduces oil stains on the castings.

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Diecasting Products


DIE CASTING RELEASE AGENTS Synthetic Based Semi Synthetic Based,Water Based

Plunger Lube

Graphite Based – Graphite with Mineral Oil and Syn Oil ,Graphite Free – Mineral and Syn Based ,Shot Beads ,Water Based


Powder Flux for drossing, melting, modifying Granular Flux


Anti soldering paste,Ladle coating

Degassing Tablets

Nitrogen degassing tablets,Self sinking nitrogen degassing tablets,Hexa based tablets


Dual action hand spray gun for die casting & Forging ,Shot beads dispenser,Plunger tip