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Plunger Lubricants/Plunger Lube

Plunger Lubricants

Graphite Based – Graphite with Mineral Oil and Synthetic Oil,Graphite Free – Mineral and Synthetic Based

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Plunger Lubricants

Like Die lubricant is an important contributor to good quality of castings we cannot underestimate the contribution of plunger lubricants to help in achiving the required quality.Plunger lubricants helps in the quick movement of plunger inside the sleeves. It acts as a sacrificial layer in between the plunger and shot sleeves so that both of do not have direct contact with each other there by doing physical damage and reducing of life of each other. Another over looked fact is chemical reaction of plunger tips due to plunger lubes we have developed special plunger lubes for copper beryllium plunger tips. We do our viscosity test of products at 100 *C.

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Plunger Lube

Graphite Based – Graphite with Mineral Oil and Syn Oil ,Graphite Free – Mineral and Syn Based ,Shot Beads ,Water Based


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Degassing Tablets

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