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Flux for treatment of alloys containing Aluminum

CUPROL 1 Briquettes for covering & melting for brass, brazing metal &gilding metals
CLIPROL 8 Reducing flux for covering/drossing of high conductivity copper alloys
COPPEREX 1/10    Melting & oxidising flux for copper alloys
COPPEREX 4/40 Melting & oxidising flux for phosphor bronze
RECOPPEREX 8   Fluxes for melting copper and nickel alloys
RECOPPEREX 10 Good protective covering flux for copper and nicke alloys at high temperatures
ALUMINAX Flux for removing Aluminum from copper base alloys
SLAGAX 2 Slag coagulant for Cu‑base alloys
LOWGAS 50 Briquitts for degassing of all copper base alloys
DE GAS Flux for removal of hydrogen from copper and nickel‑alloy melt
CHROMBRON Flux for melting Chromium, Beryllium, Cadmium and Zirconium Coppers.
LEADBRON Covering and scavenging flux for treating copper/ lead alloys
DXTUBES Deoxidizing tubes for commercial copper alloys
STTUBES For deoxidation of high conductivity copper alloys
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