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COVERFLUX  5 Melting flux for Aluminum in reverberatory, rotary and large electric furnaces

Covering & drossing flux for Al alloy casting in crucible and electric furnaces


Reclamation flux for recovery of Aluminum from dross, chips, turning & borings

COVERFLUX  65 Sodium free coverflux, for Al alloys containing 2‑6% Mg
COVERFLUX  66 Sodium free cover flux for Al‑alloys containing 1‑10% Mg hypereutectic Al‑Si alloys
COVERFLUX  88 For removal of oxides build up from furnace walls used for reverberate and rotary furnaces
COVERFLUX  29 Modifying flux for Al‑Silicon alloys use as metal temp. between 790‑800'C
COVERFLUX  63 Modifying flux for Al‑Silicon alloys use as metal temp. between 740‑750'C

Modifying flux for Al‑Silicon alloys use as metal temp. between 710‑720'C

COVERFLUX  56 Recovering flux, recovering of Aluminum from dross/skimming
DEGASS 20 For degassing all Al alloys
DEGASS 19 For degassing/grain refining of all Aluminum alloys

For degassing all Aluminium alloys excepts Al­ Mg alloys


For degassing/grain refining of all Aluminiurn alloys excepts Al‑Mg alloys

DEGASS 60 For degassing all Aluminium alloys

For degassing & Na or Ca removal for all Mg hypereutectic Al‑Si alloys

NUCLEO 2 Strong grain refining of Al alloys by Ti & B
NUCLEO 10/11 Grain refining for hypereutectic Al‑Si alloys (13‑15% Silicon)
NUCLEO 200 Grain refining of Magnesium based alloys only
NUCLEO 6 Grain refining of all Al alloys by Titanium only
NUCLEO 86 Grain refining for high conductivity Al alloys nucleation by Boron only
NUCLLOY BT Ti & B base alloyed grain refiner
NUCLLOY S5 Strontium base alloyed Al Modifies
ZINCFLUX 7 Flux for melting ingot & cleaning scrap
ZINCFLUX 9 Flux for dressing off and recovering of zinc from drosses
MAGFLUX Refining scrap for Magnesium alloys

Powder for producing an inert atmosphere during the holding and pouring of magnesium‑base alloys, also an inhibitor in Moulding sand Moulding sand

ENTOMBING 6 Tablets for removal of Magnesium from Al alloys
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